Dressage Achievements

I do not primarily compete in Dressage as I much prefer Eventing. Most of the horses I start schooling compete at Dressage shows which is very important for their schooling purposes, especially when it comes to Eventing training.

I achieved the following in Dressage:

Preliminary Champion

Preliminary Champion 2016

Preliminary Champion on Saratoga Excalibur

Preliminary Champion - Saratoga Excalibur

Saratoga Excalibur and I won the Preliminary Champion title at the Dark Horse dressage series that we took part in.

This series took place over a 12 month period, I only became part of this series halfway through the season and still managed to end up overall highest scorer for the series, Excalibur had only recently started his schooling process at the time. But as a warmblood he already had a great round neck and fantastic natural movement. Fortunately the Dressage judges did not take offense to him snorting at them. Excalibur was 4 years old at the time.

Highest Qulifier

Preliminary Highest Qualifier 2016

Preliminary Highest Qualifier on Saratoga Excalibur

Preliminary Highest Qualifier - Saratoga Excalibur

Saratoga Excalibur and I also won the Preliminary Highest Qualifier title at the dressage series that we took part in.

After only competing for 6 months in the series we ended up as the highest qualifier as well as achieving the highest score in this series.