Eventing Achievements

As I school young horses for sale, I do not always get the chance to compete at a high level of Eventing, usually only up to 90cm (Novice) where they usually fetch a good price and we can identify a good rider for the horse.

I achieved the following in Eventing:

Preliminary Champion

Novice Champion 2015

Novice Champion 2015 - Balmanno

Novice Champion 2015 - Balmanno

I had the amazing privilege of riding a very special OTTB named Balmanno, who at the time was 18 years old. I gave him a chance at achieving glory once again and he gave me the ride of my life.

In 2015 Balmanno and I were crowned the Junior Novice Eventing Champions. After the first phase of dressage we were lying in second last place, Balmanno is an old war horse who not only had a dropped hip, but he also had a tie back with soft pallet displacement and a very long neck, lets just say he did not look pretty during a dressage test and because of his damaged airway he could not go round. The second phase of the event, cross country Balmanno showed his true form in an extremely technical and difficult cross country by going clear and within the time promoting us up to third place. Cross country was what Balmanno loved to do, in the country no horse could match his determination and spirit. With only a few penalties separating the top 3, Balmanno and I went clear in the show jumping phase and with the top 2 competitors each taking down a pole we ended up in first place winning the novice championship. Balmanno now almost 21 is retired and is living out the rest of his days on our plot with a 6 year old mare (his girlfriend) as company.