Name: Auxilium
Stable Name: Aux
DOB: 11 Oct 2009
Height: 15.3hh
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sire: Imperial Stride
Dam: Malata Beach
Dam Sire: Count Dubois

Mr Aux is a super star of a little horse. Aux was a unplanned horse as we got him as a rescue. A friend had asked if we have space for a really nice horse that someone wants to put down because they don’t want to care for him anymore, we had initially said no due to not having the space but after her asking a few more times we finally said sure he can come, we ended up converting out tack room into stable as we stable all our horses and the tack ended up in the house. When Aux arrived we were mortified at what stepped out of the horse box. This poor little guy was emaciated, and parasite infested. We got the Vet out the next day to come have a look at him and her verdict was that we were wasting our time, that he would not last a week, he was terribly dehydrated, starving and not doing to well with all the worms and ticks.

But here we are, the little dude showed the world he wasn’t ready to go and he had a lot left inside of him, with a careful feeding plan (Spurwing Horse Feeds has great options, like their Lucerne Conditioner Mix and their Hay Presto.) fresh water, some parasite treatments and lots of love he started improving very quickly.

Aux received 2 years of TLC before starting proper ridden work. Once he started getting stronger and we started to jump him, we realised we have a machine on our hands. He absolutely loves to jump, whether its a poll on the ground or 1.2m he will soar over it. In early 2019 we sold Aux to the best person he could ever go to, where he is now spoilt rotten and cared for in every possible way.