Name: Balmanno
Stable Name: B, Jelly Bean
DOB: 15 Sep 1997
Height: 16hh
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sire: Exclusive Patriot
Dam: Timeless Melody
Dam Sire: All Fired Up

Balmanno, AKA Greatest horse ever!
Balmanno was my dads horse, he was pretty much the only suitable horse for my dad even though he was actually a nutcase. No horse to date has been able to live up to this amazing horse. Balmanno raced once as far as research can go and did not have a successful run, he ended up second last. But regardless of a bad racing career he was quite the speed demon and a very hot horse…… which led to terrible dressage tests. Nonetheless he was a amazing event horse. He had the heart and soul of a champion and was incredibly honest!

Balmanno had left a mark on every person that owned him as he was very special and easy to love, even though he had a nasty habit of throwing people through oxers (He was never capable of jumping them from a slow pace, so go slow and you jump the jump yourself). He was the most trustworthy horse in the country, never put a foot wrong!!

My dad had gotten him as a retiring 1* (now 2*) horse, who still had lots of go in him but just could not compete at that level anymore. He got my dad Eventing and taught my dad how to hang on for dear life on open straights and outrides (not a safe outride horse as he would make a 180 spin and bolt home at full tilt, wish we knew that before taking him out… lol).

I had the privilege of taking Balmanno up to 90cm for his one last run at a higher level and that very event happened to be Novice Champs, it was the best ride of my life as well as the most stressful. But the old man went into beast mode and showed every person at Novice Champs that he was still Boss!! The old boy did as usual a terrible dressage test, the most amazing clear cross country round on a extremely difficult tack that left many with refusals and a amazing clear in the show jump which left us as the 2015 Novice Eventing Champions.

After that Balmanno semi retired to 70cm/80cm Eventing until a short while later he was diagnosed with DDSP and started suffering from chronic Pneumonia due to having a Tie Back during his time as a racehorse. Once the Pneumonia would not clear Balmanno was fully retired and not long after, he was put to rest, on 6 November 2018, where he could forever rest in peace. He will forever be missed.