My Method:

My training methods have developed over the years, learning from different trainers, taking advice from knowledgeable people etc. It’s developed into its own method with no name, it goes off of feel, and what is happening in the moment.

Dependent on the horse I’m working with, the environment I’m in, my mood, the horses mood, the method will adapt. Some horses can’t handle any pressure as to where other require a fair amount of pressure. I had horses that you could not use positive re-enforcement with treats/food as the would get greedy, those horses usually worked better with pressure and release.

My method includes some of the following but is not limited to:

  • Pressure & Release
  • Positive Re-enforcement
  • Do the opposite
  • Liberty type work

I have learned most of what contributes to my method from the following people:

  • Graham Winn (15x SA Eventing Champion)
  • Elisa Wallace
  • Monty Roberts
  • Warwick Schiller