The Thoroughbred Love:

Since the beginning of my riding career I have ridden Thoroughbreds and there is just something so special, so unique about the breed I just can't get enough of them, throughout the years I have ridden horses of different breeds including Warmbloods, Boerperde, Arabians, Nooitgedachts etc. But not one could compare to the heart and soul of a Thoroughbred!

They are truly one of the most amazing and most versatile breeds out there and all they ever want to do is try their heart out. There is a fire in their souls that I am yet to find in another breed, and a Off The Track Thoroughbred is even better, they know what hard work is and they are not afraid of it, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I sometimes get told by people that they aren't sure if I'm brave or stupid when it comes to some Thoroughbreds, being hot horses some of them can be a real firecracker underneath you especially straight off the track. But i actually enjoy the wild ones, they keep life interesting and keep you on your toes. I've had the 'Grand Prix Dressage Horse'... you know the one that gallops sideways, does 50 flying changes in a row, loves canter pirouettes, then I've had the 'refuses to give up racing type' with the nose to chest flat out gallop every time you ride, I've had and currently have the 'I'm a Man - Gelding'.... aka the spinning, rearing, squealing, snorting, pawing, bucking maniac. So yes I guess you can say I have experience with difficult horses..... and that I'm brave and stupid in the same breath.
Regardless, about 75% of the 20 odd OTTBs I've worked with are actually really chilled and easy to work with.

A few qualities of a Thoroughbred:

  • Athletic
  • Trainable
  • Willing
  • Quick Learners
  • Brave

Already that's a package deal you can't find in many breed, yet all horses are different, I have found the above qualities in 98% of the Thoroughbreds I've worked with.