United Kingdom

In 2018 I went to the UK for some time to ride and experience how the British like to do things. For two weeks I went to a small little town down in Dorset, where I rode 2 Conamara ponies and a big Irish Sport Horse where I had Dressage lessons with a top Dressage trainer where she stated: “You look like you’ve been riding young horses” Where I happily laughed and said yes for many years, After my time down in Dorset I visited some family to pass another week for one of the main reasons I went to the UK.

Week 4 in the UK I went to the Talland School Of Equitation for another 2 weeks of training. Once I completed my training there they had told me that I am already trained up to Stage 4 and I am wasting time and need to do my BHS Exams. Maybe one day I will do my BHS exams or similar and actually get a qualification with horses but for now my experience will do fine.